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Tully On The Double

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Loreto College Kenpo Karate Club, Dublin, recently graded two of their most prolific and longest serving members when brothers Jonathan and Damien Tully received the rank of 2nd degree black belt and 2nd kyu brown belt respectively.

(L-R) back: John Bradley, Jessica O'Reilly, Darryl Murray, Jonathan Tully front: Martin Carey, Dermot O'Reilly, Damien Tully, Alan Corrigan
At a recent grading in Loreto College Kenpo Karate Club, Dublin

Both students are well known within the Kenpo circuit and have 25 years of Kenpo between them. With many numerous International, European and national titles accredited to their name, both are hailed as promising martial artists. The pair have been competing and winning on foreign soil since Amsterdam in 1997 and have continued their success in many countries most notably in the USA. The occasion was for both family members a sign of their hard work; effort, desire and commitment both have given to Kenpo.

In front of a distinguished grading panel of some of Ireland's top Kenpoists, Jonathan excelled in the mental and physical challenge that he was confronted with. His passion for Kenpo is clearly evident and his enthusiastic ability to learn has made him a formidable young figure in the art. A role model for many, he enjoys the teachings and values that Kenpo has to offer. Black belt Shay Paget, arguably one of the country's and the world's foremost practitioners, complemented Jonathan on his forms and techniques and the principles and concepts surrounding them. This message was echoed from all on the grading panel.

Some days later, Damien was put through his paces. He demonstrated his ability of all the forms from 'Short 1' to 'Long Form 4' as well as numerous sets. Next, Damien then confirmed this ability by his firm application of techniques. Lastly, he finished with several single and two-men fights. Loreto chief instructor, Alan Corrigan remarked: "Damien made major improvements between 1st and 2nd kyu; his black belt is only a short time away". For Damien this represents a stepping-stone in the quest for the ever-elusive 1st dan black belt his brother received over two years ago. He also added how he aspires to be like his instructors and his brother. Both expressed their gratitude to their instructors who continuously educate them in a proficient fashion. It is further testament to the pair that they have continued training despite the fact that both have undertaken further education with Jonathan completing a Masters in Economics and Finance while Damien is currently half-way through his tenure as a Biology Doctorate.