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Loreto Pair Honoured

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It was a long-awaited, and well-received, occasion recently at the Loreto College Kenpo Karate Club in Dublin as students and instructors conferred two new senior ranks.

(L-R) Ciaran Roberts, Freda Roberts, Jonathan Tully, Jason Tully, Martin Carey, Alan Corrigan, Dermot O'Reilly
Jason Tully of Loreto College Kenpo Karate tested successfully for Brown Belt

Following a tough grading, Jason Tully entered the brown belt ranks while Edel Quinn received her green belt. Both students, who have more than 20 years combined experience in Kenpo, are intense and dedicated people. Tully who originally started training in 1992 boasts numerous high level accomplishments and a tally of national, European and international awards. He has competed frequently on the Kenpo circuit over the years and has contributed at the Europeans in Jersey, Plymouth, England and also in the US.

Likewise, Quinn is a familiar face at competitions both home and abroad with many titles to her name. Loreto chief instructor Alan Corrigan said: "The manner in which they conducted themselves was both professional and first rate". This theme was also echoed by senior instructor Dermot O'Reilly, who added: "They both earned their new ranks and can wear them with extreme pride". The grading itself was both challenging physically and mentally and consisted of a display of knowledge in forms, techniques and many gruelling freestyle sparring sessions. The final part of the test for Tully was to complete a power break of a number of roof tiles. The grade complimented the tireless hard work and effort performed on a regular weekly basis by the pair.