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Kenpo Championships in Amsterdam

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Loreto College headed by chief instructor and 4th degree Alan Corrigan, had a squad of 29 and were delighted to scoop 26 awards and five European titles. Just some of the Loreto students who won awards were: Jonathan Tully, a purple belt, who came first in his sparring division, and blue belt Nigel Reddin who came first in forms. Double wins went to purple belt Lynn Devitt who took first in forms and second in sparring, while brown belt Willy Salinger came first in team form and third in sparring.

A Loreto trio of Tracy Barry, Nicola Kane and Elain Lynch performed very well and won their team form competition beating jersey into second place. Brown belt Ann Wheatley came first in her forms category and third in sparring, while senior Freda Roberts, a 2nd Dan, came second in individual forms. Loreto instructor and 2nd Dan Dermot O'Reilly was placed third in the 40+ points sparring competition.

(L-R) Alan Corrigan, Mark Eastwood, William Salinger, Darryl Murray, Jonathan Tully, John Bradley, Denise O'Connor, John Graham, Nicola Kane, Ciaran Roberts, Lynn Devitt, David Connolly, Elaine Lynch, Philip Curran, Tracy Barry, Richard O'Reilly, Damien Tully, Dermot O'Reilly, Freda Roberts
Loreto College Kenpo Karate European Championship 1997 Team