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Duo Well On The Road

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Loreto College Kenpo Karate Schools held a grading recently which saw two senior members gain their 3rd kyu brown belts. John Bradley and Jonathan Tully were both successfully awarded the grade after a long and hard fought night. The duo, with over 15 years of training between them, "performed so well on the night they almost made it look easy," said senior club instructor Professor Alan Corrigan.

Professor Barney Coleman, who was one of the grading panel, said: "It's a long hard road to attaining a black belt, but the lads are now in the final stages. If they continue as they have been, their dream will soon become a reality". Following the presentation of the certificates, the new brown belts went on to thank their instructors Corrigan and Dermot O'Reilly for the many years of commitment and service given to them.

(L-R) Alan Corrigan, Jonathan Tully, John Bradley, Dermot O'Reilly
New 3rd Kyu Brown Belts Jonathan Tully (left) and John Bradley (right)