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Paul Lynch

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Mr Paul Lynch embarked on his training in the art of Kenpo Karate one Saturday morning, in Fettercairn Community centre, in 1989. His initial intention was to bring his little brother over to start lessons, however, he ended up joining the class and staying on long after his brother had left.

He graded for his yellow belt in April of that same year under Alan Corrigan and Tommy Flynn - the instructors who had established the Fettercairn Kenpo Karate Club. While under continued instruction in Fettercairn, he began to supplement his training in Loreto College - which opened up a new set of friendships and opportunities - eventually practicing there exclusively. He obtained the rank of third kyu brown belt in 1991, and spent the next two years training to achieve his Black belt. This day came when, on the 8th of April 1993, he underwent a rigorous examination under the American Kenpo International Senior Council - President Tony Cogliandro, President of the Board of Directors Don Rodrigues, European Senior Council Directors Maurice Mahon, Shay Paget and Barney Coleman - becoming the first of only two black belts to have come through the Fettercairn school.

Mr Lynch has attended numerous seminars and training camps, having the pleasure and the honour of learning from Maurice Mahon, Barney Coleman and Shay Paget among others, gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of Kenpo and it's many principles. He has attended numerous National Championships in UCD and DCU, including several "Best of the Best" competitions and the first "Kumite". He was also a long serving member of the demonstration team, participating in open air as well as indoor events for the public.

In 1995, Paul graded for his second degree alongside, friend and fellow Loreto College instructor, Philip Curran. Over the years he has had the pleasure of instructing both junior and senior classes from which have now emerged a new generation of black belts instructors. He is very proud to be part of the continual history at this illustrious school and considers it a honour and privilege to continue his training and indeed his teaching here.

Paul would like to offer his heartfelt appreciation and thanks to his instructors, Alan Corrigan, Dermot O'Reilly and Freda Roberts for imparting their time, knowledge and friendship to get him where he is today.