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John Bradley

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In August 1995 Mr John Bradley began in the art of Kenpo in the renowned Loreto College Kenpo Karate School. After ending a short but promising athletics career on medical advice, Mr Bradley came to the martial arts while looking for a means to keep fit, improve his self-confidence & develop his innate aptitude for self-defence. He began his training under Mr Alan Corrigan and Mr Dermot O'Reilly and he was instantly impressed with the quality of the students and instructors. The initial impact prompted return visits followed shortly after by a yellow belt grading and he has been training ever since. Within his martial arts training, Mr Bradley is oriented towards aspects of stress management and physical conditioning but primarily toward developing practical self-defence skills.

He was graded to first degree black belt in December 2004 by the American Kenpo International Senior Council - President Tony Cogliandro, President of the Board of Directors Don Rodrigues, European Senior Council Directors Maurice Mahon, Shay Paget and Barney Coleman. The distinguished panel also consisted of AKI Senior Council members Mr Alan Corrigan, Mr Dermot O'Reilly and Ms Freda Roberts also present was Mr Martin Carey.

Top of his personal career highlights are his first competition (Best of the Best 1996 First in Form, First in Fighting), First International Competition (Amsterdam 1997 Second in Form) and grading to First Degree Black Belt. Other high points include winning copious local, national and international titles and training with acclaimed practitioners such as Mr Paul Dye, Mr Huk Palanas, Mr Larry Tatum - to name but a few. Since 1997 John has been a regular in the Loreto College Kenpo Karate Demonstration Team and has participated in numerous displays of the art. In addition to his Kenpo experience Mr Bradley has also studied Aikido, Ninjutsu and Kick Boxing.

Outside of the martial arts John is a research scientist in the field of Computer Science. His current research involves the self-adaptation of software agents, as they migrate between heterogeneous platforms, driven by deliberative mechanisms. John's other research interests include agent technologies, multi-agent systems, distributed artificial intelligence, agent migration, agent adaptation and robotics.