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Freda Roberts

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Professor Freda Roberts entered the art of Kenpo Karate in the summer of 1983. She came to the martial arts with a solid foundation of flexibility and posture from her early days as a ballerina. She made history by becoming the first ever woman to test for a 3rd Kyu Brown Belt in the famous High Street Kenpo Karate Club under an illustrious grading panel that consisted of Master Maurice Mahon and Associate Masters Shay Paget and Barney Coleman. In 1994 she was bestowed the "Up and Coming Black Belt Award" by the Irish Kenpo Fellowship - a testimony to her success and talent.

She rapidly became a fierce competitor and won countless national titles ranging from the All Ireland Championships to the Irish Kenpo Fellowship Championships. She emerged as an elite champion and for many years up to this day she stills dominates the forms division. Her creative ability has inspired her to win many titles in both the musical and self-defence divisions. She remained as national champion for many years. In 1996 she made her debut onto the international scene where at the International Karate Championships in Boston she would earn two 2nd places. Her arrival on the international scene would not go unnoticed and on her return a leading Irish martial arts magazine contacted her and requested to do a full profile on her martial arts career to date. For many years she would compete in the male divisions due to the lack of female competitors at the time. This would increase her physical and mental strength. It is testament to her true pedigree that she often won in these divisions during an era when males dominated the art. In the coming years she built on her previous success in Boston by competing and winning in many European countries. In 1997 she accumulated seven European International titles. Again in 1998 secured another first place on the island of Jersey for her dynamic forms. Her winning streak would continue and extend to countries such as England, Spain and most notably at the International Karate Championships in Boston where another first place in forms was achieved. In 2005 she received a Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award in Texas, USA.

Professor Roberts stills hails from the world-renowned Loreto College Kenpo Karate School where she currently assists in the teaching and training of students. In 2006 she received a 6th degree Black Belt from the American Kenpo International Senior Council, which she wears with extreme pride. Her life long achievement and record is a milestone in the art of Kenpo Karate. She is highly admired and respected among her fellow competitors and within the Kenpo community. Still to this day she remains as one of the most prolific Kenpo women ever to grace martial arts.