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Alan Corrigan

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Senior Professor Alan Corrigan has dedicated his life to the teaching and training of martial arts since the early 1970's. He experimented with many different styles but later devoted all his efforts to study Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate. He is accredited with the establishment of Loreto College Kenpo Karate School, now an internationally renowned Karate club. He currently serves on the American Kenpo International Senior Council. Under the guidance of his long-time instructors - Master Maurice Mahon and Associate Masters Shay Paget and Barney Coleman - he has excelled within the arts. Professor Corrigan is internationally acclaimed for his performances of Grandmaster Ed Parkers forms and has won numerous National, European and International titles. In 2005 he received a Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award, Texas, USA. He still competes at an International level and in 2006 at the IKC he secured a place on the podium.

Professor Corrigan's long-time passion and commitment to the arts is reflected through the success of his club, Loreto College, where they boast some of the finest world champions. In August of 2003, he brought more than 50 students to the IKC in Boston and to the Maine Internationals (AAAAA+ Krane Championship) where they returned home with an outstanding haul totalling in excess of 100 trophies. He has maintained a high standard of teaching and discipline and this is mirrored in his students. He is also responsible for the training of many well-known Black Belts in Ireland. He is accredited with performing some of the most dynamic Martial Arts displays held in Ireland with performances for the Chinese New Year and for civic receptions held in front of the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House, Dublin.

Professor Corrigan's outstanding contribution and support to Kenpo Karate has landed him much respect and many awards of appreciation.