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Third Degree Brown Belt Requirements

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I pledge that as my skill as a teacher progresses I will never condemn, ridicule, embarrass, or shame any student or fellow instructor in the presence of a class or group. All grievances or disputes shall be conducted in a private away from group observation.
- Third Degree Brown Belt Pledge
Required Techniques For Third Degree Brown Belt
In the order they are to be taught
Glancing SpearFront Right Direct Left Wrist Grab
Thrust Into DarknessRear Right Step Through Punch
Circling FansFront Right & Left Front Straight Punch Combination
Rotating DestructionFront Right Snap & Left Spinning Back Kicks
Falcons Of ForceFlank Left & Right Shoulder Grab By Two Men
The Bear & The RamFront Right Punch & Rear Bear Hug, Arms Free
Raining LanceFront Right Step Through Overhead Knife
Desperate FalconsFront Two-Hand Grab To Both Wrists
Leap Of DeathFront Right Step Through Punch
Protecting FansFront Right & Left Punch Combination With Opponent's Left Leg Forward
Deceptive PantherCombination Right Front Snap Kick (low) & Right Roundhouse Kick (high)
Courting The TigerFlank Left & Right Arm Grabs By Two Men
Gathering Of The SnakesFront Left Punch & Rear Right Punch By Two Men
Glancing LanceFront Right Knife Thrust While Your Arms Are Down
Dominating CirclesFront Right Shoulder Grab By Opponent's Right Hand
Destructive FansLeft Flank Right Punch With Opponent's Right Leg Forward
Unfurling CraneFront Right & Left Punch Combination With Opponent's Right Leg Forward
Grasping EaglesFront Right Lapel Grab & Rear Right Arm Grab By Two Men
Parting Of The SnakesFront Right Punch & Rear Attempt By Two Men
Thrusting LanceFront Right Knife Thrust While Your Arms Are Down
Blinding SacrificeFront Two-Hand Grab Or Choke
Snakes Of WisdomFlank Left & Right Shoulder Grabs By Two Men
Entwined LanceFront Right Knife Thrust
Falling FalconFront Right Direct Lapel Grab

Long Form 3Strike Set 2
Stance Set 2