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Orange Belt Requirements

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I understand that I am but a beginner in a new and fascinating art, which will direct me to greater obligations and responsibilities. To honour my obligations and responsibilities I pledge myself to serve my instructor, fellow students, and fellow men.
- Orange Belt Pledge
Required Techniques For Orange Belt
In the order they are to be taught
Clutching FeathersFront Left Hand Hair Grab
Triggered Salute Front Right Hand Direct Push
Dance Of DeathFront Straight Right Punch
Thrusting SaluteFront Right Step Through Kick
Gift Of DestructionFront Handshake
Locking HornsFront Headlock
Lone KimonoFront Left Hand Lapel Grab
Glancing SaluteFront Right Hand Cross Push
Five SwordsFront Right Step Through Roundhouse Punch
Buckling BranchFront Left Step Through Kick
Scraping HoofFull Nelson
Grip Of DeathLeft Flank Right Arm Headlock
Crossing TalonFront Right Cross Wrist Grab
Repeating MaceFront Left Hand Push
Shielding HammerFront Left Step Through Hooking Punch
Striking Serpent's HeadFront Bear Hug, Arms Free
Locked WingRear Hammerlock
Obscure WingRight Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab
Reversing MaceFront Left Step Through Straight Punch
Thrusting ProngsFront Bear Hug, Arms Pinned
Twisted TwigFront Wrist Lock
Obscure SwordRight Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab
Raining ClawFront Right Uppercut Punch
Crashing WingsRear Bear Hug, Arms Free

Short Form 1 (Right & Left Side)Kick Set 1