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First Degree Black Belt Requirements

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I hold that my time and my skill are the assets of my profession, assets which will grow in value as I progress in the Art until I stand as a fully qualified instructor. It shall also be my responsibility to protect any student from ravenous individuals who would try to take advantage of personal weaknesses, to divest the gullible into unprofitable gains, to preserve the sacred things, personal beliefs, family, and the art of Kenpo, I pledge my all.
- Black Belt Pledge
Required Techniques For First Degree Black Belt
In the order they are to be taught
Twirling WingsRear Two-Hand Stiff-Arm Shoulder Grab
Snapping TwigFront Left Hand Chest Push
Leaping CraneFront Right Step Through Punch
Swinging PendulumFront Right Roundhouse Kick
Crushing HammerRear Bear Hug, Arms Pinned
Captured LeavesRight Flank Finger Lock
Evading The StormFront Right Step Through Overhead Club
Charging RamFront Tackle
Parting WingsFront Two-Hand Push
Thundering HammerFront Right Straight Through Punch
Squeezing The PeachRear Bear Hug, Arms Pinned
Circling WingRear Two-Hand Choke, Arms Bent
Calming The StormFront Right Step Through Roundhouse Club
Darting MaceFront Two-Hand Wrist Grab
Hooking WingsFront Two-Hand Low Push
Shield And SwordFront Left Step Through Punch
Gift In ReturnFront Handshake
Bow Of CompulsionFront Wrist Lock Against Opponent's Chest
Obstructing The StormFront Right Step Through Overhead Club
Twin KimonoFront Two-Hand Lapel Grab, Push Out
SleeperFront Right Step Through Straight Punch
Spiraling TwigRear Bear Hug, Arms Free
Cross Of DestructionRear Two-Hand Choke
Flight To FreedomRear Hammerlock

The techniques required for First Degree Black Belt extend the Purple Belt techniques for the purpose of introducing additional concepts and principles of motion.

Staff Set
Blocking Set 2