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Loreto College Kenpo Karate School

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The origins of Loreto College Kenpo Karate Schools stem from two Kenpo Karate clubs established in the seventies. Mr Tony Hamilton opened a club based in the main hall of the Marist National School in 1973. In 1976 Mr Alan Norris opened a separate club in Loreto College Crumlin. In the late seventies both schools were amalgamated under Mr Willie Kelly (the first High Street student to grade for a black belt outside to the High Street Dojo, with the grading taking place in Loreto College). In 1980 Mr Kelly emigrated to the Netherlands, established a club in Amstrerdam and became the European representative for the Irish Kenpo Karate Institute. Mr Kelly left the Crumlin Kenpo club in the hands of Mr John Birch and Mr Danny Gilligan. In 1985 Mr Birch and Mr Gilligan resigned from the IKKI. The club was taken over by Mr Alan Corrigan and Mr Tommy Flynn, two students from the High Street school. Later when Mr. Flynn departed, Mr Dermot O'Reilly took over the running of the club alongside Mr Corrigan.

During their years they have raised the school and its members to one of the highest standards around. Both men have many years of service and have etched out very distinctive careers in the art of Kenpo, their countless hours of time and dedication is reflected in those they have trained in the past and continue to train at present.

To date the school has turned out numerous Black Belts (including renowned competitor and instructor Ms Freda Roberts) and countless numbers of other coloured belt ranks. They have competed against many of the best in tournaments in places such as Holland, Jersey, Plymouth, Madrid and the United States each time returning with no less than fifty trophies. A team of ten Black Belt Instructors assist Mr Corrigan and Mr O'Reilly during classes ensuring that students receive a proper amount of time and effort. We are affiliated with the American Kenpo International (AKI) and are members of the International Kenpo Karate Institute, whose President is Mr. Maurice Mahon (one of the Original Four Black Belts in Ireland). Through these connections the school has a family tree that can be traced right back to the origins of the Kenpo system.

As a club, our aim is to ensure the continuing teaching and development of Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate in Ireland. We instruct in the art of Kenpo, to children and adults of all ages and abilities, in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment. We promote an open approach to both teaching and learning and we aim to encourage our students to question themselves and the system in a constructive and progressive manner.